Activated Charcoal Lemonade

Meet the E-Lemonade-R


Our newest drink, The E-Lemonade-R, is a delicious, refreshing Activated Charcoal Lemonade.  It only contains everything you see here, which is lemons, activated charcoal, agave nectar, OH and water too. 

While, yes, it tastes like regular lemonade, there's so much more to this black magic! A lot of you have also been asking for that info, so here we go! 

Benefits of Activated Charcoal:


- Hangover Cure/Helper

- Alleviates Gas/Bloating

- Whitens Teeth

- Helps with Acne

- Digestive Cleanser

- Assists with Anti-Aging


Y'all, the list literally goes on, but I feel like these are some of the more important ones that directly benefit all of you.

When to drink?

I have gotten that question a lot, which is perfectly reasonable. There are a few different reasons and when to drink the lemonade. 

1. Hate hangovers? If you drink this before you go out and have a few drinks and then remember to drink the rest when you come home. Boom, no hangover the next day! Orrrr if you drink it when you wake up, it will take it away quicker than the normal methods.

2. Tummy feeling bloated or hurting? Drink half a bottle and within an hour, you should be feeling back to yourself! However, it might incite a trip to the bathroom! 

3. In the morning before you drink anything else. Take a couple drinks of this and your body will start working to rid the toxins!

There's really never any reason to drink a full bottle in one sitting. Also, don't drink it with a meal, because it will detox all of the nutrients from the meal. 


Otherwise, enjoy! If you all have any questions about it or want any further info, please contact us! 


Keep it Fresh. Keep it Simple. Keep it Real.


xoxo Aubrey