Celery Juice Phenom

Celery Juice Has Taken Over!

Alright, let’s talk about this celery juice fad that has taken over the social media world. Someone out there decided that they found the magic cure in pure celery juice, and then celebrities alike all started sharing the magic elixir and BOOM, a trend was created.

So, what’s all the hubbub about?

The idea is to drink 16oz of pure raw celery juice in the morning before anything else. It’s supposed to help with digestion, inflammation, blood pressure, doesn’t spike blood sugar, etc. It’s also packed with Vitamins like A, C and folate, which boost your immune system. Oh, it’s also supposed to help you grow wings and fly off to a different universe. (alright, that might be a stretch, but that is how influencers are touting it)

Celery is like 95% water, so yea, it’s going to have some really great effects. It will hydrate you, of course it will help with digestion, because that’s what water does!

Is It Too Good to be True?

That’s the million dollar question, right?

Let’s lay it out this way. I wouldn’t tell you not to. There really is no harm in drinking it, and honestly, it will probably bring you a lot of good benefits. Is it going to be your magic cure-all? Probably not, but that’s true for anything. (however, some medications can conflict with the celery juice, so always check first before trying something new)

You cannot go to the gym once and expect results, you cannot eat healthy for one meal and expect weight loss, and just like you cannot drink one juice and expect recovery. You must drink the celery juice, or any other juice and use it as a supplement to a great diet, good exercise and good healthy habits. It all works in conjunction.

My Advice?

Do it. Mix it with other fruits and vegetables, too. There is a reason I have put so many juices with celery out there. It has great properties, but when you mix it with other fruits and vegetables, they have certain reactions together that will widen the variety of benefits. Also, celery juice alone can be quite bitter, so having other greens, or lemons, or apples will help the taste, but then you get a flood of good vitamins and minerals your body so desperately needs.

So, maybe that wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but if you are always looking for magical cures, quick fixes or the easy way out, then you will always be disappointed. Also, you will not really like my take on nutrition, because there is no such thing. It all works together.

How to Make Celery Juice

I have had some requests for it lately, and I have been making it for people, because if you want to try something healthy, then I am all for it, but be prepared for me to tell you it won’t fix all your problems on it’s own.

However, if you want to do it at home, then purchase 1 bunch of celery and get to juicing. That’s as easy at it goes. If you don’t have a juicer, you can blend it and then squeeze it with a cheesecloth. If you don’t want to do that, then you can call me!

I hope this gives you some guidance or at least clarity on what the heck this fad is. I’m sure I’ll be doing another post about another juicing fad in a few months. However, I won’t complain, because at least people are recognizing the amazing benefits of juicing!

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